When we set up our company – Capital Mortgages – in 2004, we needed direction in certain fields. We may have been very comfortable in our ability as Mortgage Brokers, but when it came to creating our brand and written copy, we needed some direction. We found it in the excellent advice of Steph and Beetroot Creative. From our logo to our business cards, copywriting to advertising designs, Steph provided us with the tools to develop our company identity leaving us to concentrate on our clients and growing our business.
Since our establishment, we have continued to draw on Steph’s graphic design and copywriting services to communicate to our client base. In particular with the editing of our own newsletters, brochures and production of innovative promotions - all of which have been done to a very high standard despite the tight deadlines put on her! For a prompt and professional service I’d be very happy to recommend Beetroot Creative.
Kit Jackson, Director, Capital Advice  (formerly Capital Mortgages]


Beetroot Creative is an excellent company to deal with. They handled our project in a friendly and efficient manner. They understood what we were after and produced a high quality product for us. As we progressed with finalising the product the thing that impressed me the most was that I didn't need to explain, more than once, what last minute amendments/changes we needed. This made my life easier.
– Tami Woods, Acting Team Leader Policy Advice, Greater Wellington Regional Council


Steph provided an excellent service for us with a professional and diligent approach. Her initial design has stood the test of time over the last four years and has appeared on all sorts of public-facing media that instantly defines us and what we stand for. It is enormously helpful that she comes from a musical background with clear empathy for the role that music plays in mental health. I have no hesitation in endorsing her expertise to others.
– Martin Sloman, Clinical Director, Whirlwind


When I first started up my business I was totally ignorant on how to go about setting up a website and nearly got caught using a company that bamboozled me with jargon and would have locked me to them for years. Thank goodness I happened to meet Steph from Beetroot Creative. She talked me through the process and listened to what my thoughts were on the type of website I envisaged. She was up front about how much it would cost and made me feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. I deal with an older age group who are not computer savvy (like me!) so I needed a website that was easy to navigate but still captured their interest. I was very happy with the end result and would highly recommend Beetroot Creative to anyone wanting Steph's expertise.
– Freya Andersen, Company Owner, 8 Friends Tailored Tours


A specific benefit for us from working with Beetroot is that they are conscious about working towards being environmentally friendly. They provided really good value for money in the design of our communications and the quality of their work was excellent. We found them to be professional, creative and friendly. We were a new company but people have been impressed with our company image.

– Julie Madams, Co-owner, Vision Media Systems – certified carbon neutral audio-visual


When I approached Steph of Beetroot Creative to design my website I knew exactly what I wanted – no fuss, easy to navigate and classy. That is exactly what she delivered. I have a stunning website often commented on by clients and others. It turns out she was a copywriter in a former life so she helped me write the content of my site, which made the whole thing really easy for me. With Steph nothing is ever a problem and my website is updated regularly without a hitch.

– Sharon Magee, Director, Shape Interior Design

Of the many graphic designers I have worked with during my career as a communications professional, Beetroot Creative has without doubt become my most preferred company to work with both for the design work produced and service provided. Steph Casey has worked on two large projects for the Ministry for the Environment, creating highly professional and visually appealing publications with what was very technical information. The material produced communicated very effectively to the target market (primarily city, district and regional councils) and this was shown in the huge popularity of both publications and the need for several reprints.
As well as the delivery of outstanding publications, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steph during the whole design/printing process. She is not only a very talented graphic designer with a creative flair and eye for detail, but a highly personable, friendly, helpful and professional person. On sighting Steph’s first proofs, it was clear she had listened to what we were after and incorporated our ideas into her designs, also making suggestions where she thought something could work well.
Steph always kept us informed throughout the process and met our tight deadlines.  She also showed immense patience with our endless text changes!
I cannot recommend Beetroot Creative highly enough to anyone requiring graphic design services.
– Claire Harman, Senior Communications Advisor, Ministry for the Environment


As well as working on client projects, Beetroot has helped us with our internal communications and client gift requirements. Steph successfully injected the Chilli personality into items such as our staff t-shirts, staff messenger bags and client Xmas calendars which helped lead to the great feedback we received. Her photography and copywriting skills were particularly useful for these pieces too; they required more than just graphic design skills. 
We’ve worked with Beetroot since our inception. As well as her creative skills, Steph’s good nature and quirky sense of humour assist our team in creating a happy work environment, critical to the success of our projects.
– Deb Boswell, Director, Chilli Marketing

Steph Casey from Beetroot Creative has completed a wide range of design work for Ideas Shop – both collateral for our company specifically and also for our clients, including corporates, government agencies and medium-sized businesses. This work has included, posters, magazine ads, marketing collateral, publications, and Christmas cards (illustration and design).
Steph is a highly innovative and professional designer. She is one of the few people that I have worked with who consistently and effectively takes a client brief and delivers highly creative and appropriate options first time up. She always delivers projects on time and to budget and she is extremely good at consulting with clients and informing us as the project develops.
From our experience, her work has been highly effective in communicating with target markets and is always positively commented on by people who receive it and clients. This is no small feat as we work with a number of medium-sized businesses for whom budgets are extremely tight and praise is often hard to get.

All who have dealt with Steph have been delighted with the end product and have been confident that she provided value for their spend and reflected their needs in top-quality work.
I always have great pleasure in recommending Beetroot Creative to organisations needing top-quality
graphic design work.
– Anna Kominik, Director, Ideas Shop

I am thoroughly pleased with what Steph created for my project. It is apt, in keeping with the sentiment of my work, the simplicity of my lyrics and the incorporation of photography, text, colours, textures and general imagery. I knew she would do a brilliant job; I chose her very carefully, having checked out her portfolio beforehand and played my music to her in order to assess her empathy with what I was aiming to achieve.
The public reaction to Steph’s work has been deeply gratifying to me. People speak of simplicity, professionalism, artistic merit, appropriateness and there are myriad references to colours and textures.
When we began, I thought I needed CD artwork. I overlooked business cards, stationery, fliers, posters and a big-screen static advertisement. Steph delivered all of this on budget.
Steph Casey is a thorough professional: dedicated to achieving the highest artistic and technical standards. Steph is a constant communicator, her drive and enthusiasm are infectious and her personality, a delight.
Steph employs empathy to great effect both person to person and in her work. In my opinion, her only fault really IS her modesty.
– Phil Darkins, songwriter and recording artist


I found Steph great to work with. She responds promptly, keeps her deadlines and is just really helpful. She listened really well to my ideas, asked the right questions and offered her professional and considered advice. I totally trusted her judgement during the design process. Steph also liaised with the staff that pressed the CD, cover and case, and dealt with any design related correspondence with them on my behalf. After the release she also often helped convert and pass on image files to reviewers and media, as they had specific format requirements that I didn’t know how to fulfill.
– Hanne Jostensen, songwriter and recording artist


Please go ahead and print the annual report. Everyone loved it :)
Thanks so much, Jo.
– Jo Lake, National Executive Officer, Presbyterian Support NZ

We think it looks brilliant. I didn't have an idea of how it would look in the beginning, and it's just what we need to communicate to our audience. I think the cover is excellent and the inside design perfect. I like the way you have used the cartoons on the inside pages.

– Cathy Henry, Communications Advisor, Office of the Privacy Commissioner


Steph Casey seemed to know exactly what I wanted for a logo for my house concerts but it turned out so much better than I imagined. All I had to do was choose which of the several colour options she offered. And then she incorporated the logo into a new business card which was right first time. I am very pleased with what Steph has produced and already I have heard several people praise the design. I recommend working with Beetroot Creative to anyone needing well thought out, stylish, graphics. I'm glad I did.
– Murray Aitken, Resonator House Concerts & Band Bookings


– Wow! I'm so excited, I love it! You've done a superb job – I can hardly wait to see the first draft! Thanks so much for your great work, everyone's super impressed.
I had further feedback today from the workshop I presented at where people were really impressed by the latest red book design and how snazzy it looks.
– Julie King, Senior Advisor Science & Technology, Ministry for the Environment


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